Nancy’s Testimony

I have loved studying the Bible since I was a child in Sunday school—usually my mother’s Bible study class. As a teen, I responded to a call from God. I went forward one morning in my church during a call for missionaries even though I knew I was not being called to be a missionary. I didn’t know what was happening, but I knew I couldn’t stay in my pew. No one in my liberal church could explain what happened. In fact, they ignored me while they signed up the missionaries.

Years later, when I was attending a religious college, my professors questioned the authenticity of the Bible and explained away the miracles. Some overzealous Christians tried to push me in the opposite direction. I was offended and lost interest in church.

Then my interest in the things of God was rekindled after I read a booklet titled, “Is the Bible the Word of God?” I purchased a Bible in a more readable translation and began attending a Bible study on the gospel of John. I believed in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. I hungered to know more about Jesus, and I often attended three or four Bible studies a week.

Eventually, I began to teach Sunday school classes and small group Bible studies in my own church and other churches. I began writing devotions by writing a monthly column called, “Learning Naturally: Word Pictures from God’s Creation” for a church website. Recently I was the guest Lenten author for a series in The Secret Place.

Writing for combines my two passions: Bible studies and devotions

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