What Brings Me Delight?

I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word. Psalm 119:16

One of my daughter’s favorite pastimes as a preschooler was playing with a jar of buttons at Grandma’s house. Kelsey invested hours in sorting the buttons into “families,” studying their similarities and differences, regrouping them, and then scooping them back into the jar when she was ready for a new activity. Every time she opened the jar, it seemed she discovered a new treasure even though the jar’s contents never changed.

I experience a similar wonder every time I open God’s Word. Though the content never changes, I continually discover new relationships between verses and fresh applications for whatever circumstances confront me. If I’m faced with a perplexing decision, a verse like Psalm 119:35 challenges me to be patient: “Direct me in the path of your commands, for therein I find delight.” If a puzzling situation has recently been resolved, the same verse will confirm that waiting for God to act on my behalf was the right choice.

In Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the Bible, the psalmist used “delight” seven times to describe his fascination with God’s Word (vv. 16, 24, 35, 47, 70, 77, and 174). The Hebrew words translated delight have two shades of meaning. One of them means “to be blinded by” as in a focused devotion to one thing or person. The other word means “to bend towards” as a flower leans toward the sun.*

How accurately do those images portray my attitude towards God’s Word? How much time do I devote each week to it? Do I lean towards its truth as my energy source?

When I see Grandma’s button jar, I always think of the hours of pleasure it brought Kelsey. I wonder if seeing a Bible reminds anyone of my love for God’s Word. How about you? Would seeing a Bible prompt your loved ones to think of your delight in God and His Word?


In Joshua 1:1-2 God assigned Joshua a daunting task of replacing Moses as the Israelites’ leader. What prescription for success did God give him in verses 7-8? How successful was Joshua? See Joshua 21:43-45.

What advice did the Apostle Paul give young Pastor Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:12-13 and 2 Timothy 2:15? Why is the study of Scripture so important? Read 2 Timothy 3:14-17.

What did Jesus tell the disciples in John 15:7?  Why did Jesus make that promise? Read John 15:8. How can we ensure that God’s words remain in us?

Denise K. Loock

*All Hebrew and Greek transliterations and their definitions are taken from the lexicons provided by

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