Our series on heaven will explore what the Bible says about the following topics:

Is heaven a real place? Moses, Aaron, and the elders caught a glimpse of God’s throne and his footstool.

How is earth connected to heaven? Jacob saw angels and the Lord in a dream.

Is there more than one heaven? Genesis 1:1-8. Creation of the heavens, the firmament. The apostle Paul went to the 3rd heaven.

Is Jesus the only way to heaven? Jesus clearly explained that he is the Way, the Truth and the Life. A voice from heaven confirmed it. His future glory is glimpsed in the transfiguration.

What did Jesus say about heaven? Jesus discussed the kingdom of heaven in the Sermon on the Mount and in Parables.

Are you ready for the greatest banquet ever? No wedding banquet we’ve attended can compare to the greatest banquet ever–the wedding supper of the Lamb, and it’s coming soon. Are you ready?

What will heaven be like? The apostle John’s visit to heaven, which he described in the book of Revelation, gives us glimpses of the sights and sounds of God’s celestial home.

Do you want to see the Light of Life? This light shines in our hearts no matter how dark our circumstances become.

Will you welcome him? [Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne] Jesus Christ left a throne in heaven to come to earth to save his people from their sins.

Does God see everything we do? What does the Bible say about judgment and rewards based on what we do?

What does God guarantee about heaven? Most of us wonder what heaven will be like. Scripture provides some tantalizing descriptions. But two things are certain: we will be with God and that will bring “fullness of joy.”

What happens when you die? Jesus gives us a glimpse in the parable of Lazarus and the rich man.

What kind of rewards will we receive in heaven? Several of the New Testament writers spoke about crowns. Who will receive them, and what will the recipients do with them?

What are “the new heaven and the new earth?” The apostle John got a preview.

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