Commemorating significant historical and cultural events is biblical. God instructed the Israelites to celebrate certain dates with feasts and worship services because He did not want them to ever forget the great things He had done on their behalf, like delivering them from Egypt (Passover). The early church celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which we celebrate on Easter.

Psalm 107 is a hymn of remembrance, a call for God’s people to reflect on all His blessings. In it the psalmist refers to many historical events that demonstrated God’s faithfulness. He ends with this advice: “Whoever is wise, let him heed these things and consider the great love of the LORD” (v. 43).

Dig into Holidays is a collection of devotions that highlights the spiritual significance of historical, cultural, and ethnic celebrations. Commemorating these days encourages us to remember all the ways God blesses His people in their daily life and culture.

Christmas and Easter, celebrated worldwide among Christians as sacred holidays, are featured seasonally:

Dig into Christmas–December 1-31 each year

Dig into Easter–Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday each year