Have you felt intimidated as you listened to other people pray? Their words seemed to tumble out effortlessly. How did they know what to say?

When you pray, your words may seem forced or inadequate. You may feel uncomfortable praying in public.

“Lord, teach us to pray,” one of the disciples said, fully aware that his own prayers were vastly different than Jesus’ prayers and that he needed to change the way he prayed.

The Bible not only records the pattern model for prayer that Jesus taught his disciples in Matthew 6 and Luke 11, but also more than 650 prayers—patterns to follow for a variety of situations.*

The devotions in Dig into Prayers will help you communicate both honestly and reverently with the God who loves to listen to you. All He asks is that you are equally interested in listening to Him. Enrich your prayer life by asking the following questions about the prayers in the Bible:

What motivated this person to pray?

What did the person say about himself and his situation in the prayer?

What was said about other people in the prayer?

What was said about God in the prayer?

What was the person’s attitude at the end of the prayer?


*This number doesn’t include the 150 psalms, many of which are prayers.  (All the Prayers of the Bible by Herbert Lockyer, Zondervan, 1959)